Volunteers Needed - Servus Heritage Festival

Posted on July 19 2017

The PEGASIS partners (Sage is one of the partners) are participating in the Servus Heritage Festival this year (August 5-7). The partners will be taking care of the seniors rest tent and will be providing seniors with a shaded place to sit, rest and get some water. The partners will also share information about our agencies and the work we do with seniors. PEGASIS (Pan Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors) Objective: To measurably reduce social isolation of “low-resource” seniors in Edmonton. Low-resource seniors has been defined as marginalized or hard to reach seniors such as those who are: homeless or near homeless; living with a physical or mental disability; newcomers or from ethnocultural communities; providing caregiving; living with low income or financially challenged.


For each of the three heritage festival days, there will be 9 - four hour shifts. Please find below role descriptions for each of the volunteer positions. Please note that all volunteers will receive complimentary food and water at the hospitality tent.

  1. Entrance Volunteers: These two volunteers will be located at the two open ends of the tent. The entrance volunteers are responsible to greet and welcome seniors and other community members into the tent.
  2. Display Volunteers: These two volunteers will be working at the two resource tables shared by the 7 agencies. The volunteers will share information about PEGASIS and connecting Edmonton seniors as well information on all the individual agencies. (Volunteers will be given a one-pager with information of all PEGASIS Partners). The volunteers will also handout pamphlets and brochures to seniors and other interested individuals.
  3. Inside the tent Volunteers: These four volunteers will be floating inside the tent and will hand out water to seniors as necessary. These volunteers might also ask seniors about their experience at the seniors rest tent.
  4. Extras. Three extra volunteers will be inside and outside the tent to help with miscellaneous tasks like restocking the resource tables and keeping inside the tent clean and tidy. Other extras will help setup and take down on first and last day.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Heritage Festival, please contact: Muno Osman, Sage Social Worker on the PEGASIS team (780-619-0827) or connect with her on the 3rd floor of Sage.

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