Happy National Volunteer Week!

Posted on April 24 2020

All the staff here at Sage stand and cheer volunteers around the world as we collectively celebrate National Volunteer Week! Usually during this annual national event, we celebrate our AMAZING Sage Volunteers with a Spring Volunteer Appreciation event. 

This year as we celebrate our volunteers in the midst of COVID -19 and physical distancing, we are especially mindful of what you mean to us at Sage. Each volunteer brings a unique mix of talents and skills that they share and transfer to others. Everyone has something to offer and you touch every area of the work we do at Sage. Your pride and ownership in the work that you do contributes to the success of our programs and services.  And we see it in the results! In 2019 there were 336 volunteers who donated over 23,000 hours to support Sage! We truly couldn’t do it without you. 

On behalf of every staff member of Sage, we want to APPLAUD and say a sincere THANK YOU to each and every one of you for giving back to your community and supporting Sage’s mission to “Inspire and Support Seniors to be the best they can be.”

Here’s a few thank-you shout outs from our staff to you, our talented, generous and ever-so-dedicated volunteers.


“Without being able to see one another face to face, we’re not able to celebrate you all in a way that shows our deep gratitude and appreciation this National Volunteer Week. 2020 is a special year for Sage as we celebrated our 50th anniversary and I can say without a doubt that we would not be the organization that we are today without the commitment, dedication, generosity and selflessness of our volunteers. In those 50 years, I’m not sure if Sage and our community have faced a challenge comparable to the COVID-19 pandemic. And yet, even in these times of uncertainty, we have seen our volunteers step up to contribute in their communities and within Sage’s community. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, thank you. Please stay safe and we hope to see you soon so that we can say thank you in person!”


Karen McDonald, Executive Director

To the Life Enrichment Volunteer Team:


“During national volunteer week I want to take time to say thank you. I am thankful each and every day but want to make sure I try to put it into words. Without each and every one of you we really wouldn’t have a Life Enrichment program. I love helping make your thoughts, suggestions and ideas come into fruition. We have almost 50 volunteers offering time, talents, skills and creating a Life Enrichment and Sage community. A community that I am so proud to be a part of and continues to grow even though we are physically apart right now. I am always so truly thankful for you.” 


Rachel Tassone, Life Enrichment Coordinator


"I would like to thank Claire, Mary-Anne and Jan for their contribution to making Safe House a safer place for the residents. They have been incredibly gracious with supporting us on helping when there is a telecare call day or night, rain or shine and we would not be able to successfully provide the afterhours telecare service without their help, discretion and diligence. I would like to thank Joan C. for always trying her best to provide information, be a sage ambassador and for brightening my day every time I go to sage and get the privilege of seeing her welcoming smile and warm greeting."


Amanda Trace, Intensive Case Management Coordinator at Sage Seniors’ Safe House


"I wanted to highlight the volunteers we have had working in the health services program and 3rd floor reception. We haven’t had many, but they made the visits of clients to the health program feel like coming home. Clients reported that they loved being greeted by name, and feeling like it was “their place”. There was such great camaraderie between staff and volunteers, that it often felt just like one big team. Thanks to all of them.


Anne Summach, NP | Director of Health Services


Those Who Can, Do

Those Who Can Do More, Volunteer


"Thought I ‘d start off with a quote, as I am not as eloquent as some of the other staff members. I’d like to acknowledge how impressed I am with the reception volunteers, both on the Main and Third Floor. They are Sage’s first impression, and they greet and address the seniors who phone or come to Sage with respect, professionalism and humour. Whether it be receiving a call from a distressed senior, dealing with the organized mayhem that is the tax season, or troubleshooting when the unexpected happens, these volunteers exemplify grace under pressure. I would also like to add that I spend more time than I care to admit waiting for the third floor elevator, and nine times out of ten I get on that elevator, smiling or laughing at an exchange that I’ve had with our volunteers; their attitude is very much what makes Sage the great place it is. THANK YOU YOU ARE TERRIFIC."


Colleen Derksen This Full House/Long Term Social Work


Thank you to ALL of you! We miss you!

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