Understanding Seniors' Benefits - Free Info Session at Sage

Posted on September 8 2014

Understanding Seniors’ Benefits

For seniors turning 65 (primarily low-income seniors), or those who already are: learn about eligibility, how & where to apply for Old Age Security (OAS) / Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Questions we will address include:

Can I continue to work?, If so, how much of my employment income is clawed back? How does my employer’s pension plan affect my eligibility for OAS/GIS? As a senior, what other health benefits am I entitled to? How do I report Seniors’ Benefits on my Income Tax Return? What other financial and community resources can I access? Please call 780.423.5510 to pre-register.

Date: Friday, September 19

Time: 1:00- 4:00pm

Location: Sage Room

Cost: Free


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