Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta

Posted on November 23 2021

Sage’s Seniors Safe House provides temporary refuge for older adults who are leaving an abusive situation. Qualified social work staff provide holistic case management, peer support, professional and practical assistance, connections to community resources, and post-residence support that help residents to deal with all the areas of their lives that have been impacted by abuse.

In recognition of Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta, we would like to share a few stories:

"*Marina had suffered many types of abuse at the hands of her spouse for decades. Charges had been laid by police for a recent physical assault, a no contact order had been granted, and the spouse was being held in hospital…”

To read more about Marina’s story, click here

“During his time at the Safe House, *Georges returned home twice believing Abe would change his behaviour. Georges quickly realized on both occasions that this was not the case, and he returned to the Safe House each time...”

To read more about Georges’ story, click here

“After three months, Brian’s behaviour changed, he began yelling at things only he could see and punched holes in the wall. He stopped bathing, would stay awake all night pacing in the apartment, and would threaten to hurt his mother. *Mary became scared of Brian as his violence increased and his behaviour became unpredictable…”

To read more about Mary’s story, click here.

*To protect the privacy of individuals, some names, events, and identifiable characteristics have been changed.

If you or a senior you know is being abused, please call Safe House Intake at 780-702-1520. In an emergency, call 911. For 24-hour support, call the Seniors Abuse Helpline at 780-454-8888. For non-urgent calls or further information, please call 780-426-3746.

For more information about family violence, click here.   

Signal for Help

Isolation can increase the risk of violence at home. If this is the case for you, use the “Signal for Help” on a video call to show you need help.

The Signal for Help is a simple one-handed sign someone can use on a video call. It can help a person silently show they need help and want someone to check in with them in a safe way.

If someone gives you this signal on a video call, visit to learn how to check in safely and find support resources in your community.

Staying Safe: A Resource for Older Adults Living in Alberta

The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council (AEAAC) recently published a guidebook with information to help older adults identify an unsafe or abusive situation. 

To access the digital version of the guidebook, click here

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