DRAGONFLY program no longer taking referrals

Posted on December 9 2021

Frailty-related screening is slowly being phased out at Sage in preparation for the end of the DRAGONFLY program in the coming months. Referrals for DRAGONFLY are no longer being accepted at this time. Interested individuals are encouraged to check back in the future for related services, or connect with our social work team at 587-773-1764 if you require services. Our team is currently in the early stages of planning next steps, with tentative plans to leverage the success of DRAGONFLY towards new frailty identification and intervention programming at Sage in 2022. Please check the DRAGONFLY webpage periodically for updates and announcements.

Currently, we are looking for community partners/agencies interested in training their staff on the topic of frailty and incorporating frailty screening in client-facing programs. There will be a team of nurse practitioners and public health professionals leading a project from Sage in the spring of 2022 focused on the rollout of frailty screening in different community settings.

Please contact dragonfly@mysage.ca for more information or to get involved.

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