Bernice Sewell recognized for work with seniors experiencing abuse.

Posted on June 20 2016

Bernice Sewell (Director of Operations, Sage) with Jan Reimer (Executive Director, ACWS)

On Friday, June 17, Sage’s Director of Operations, Bernice Sewell received the Joie Dery Award from the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. The award recognizes excellence in domestic violence shelter staff throughout Alberta.

Bernice was nominated for the pivotal role she has played in establishing the Sage Seniors Safe House, and in laying the foundation for how services are delivered to seniors experiencing abuse. 

Please help us congratulate Bernice for this well-deserved honour!

For more information about elder abuse visit Seniors Safe House - Resources.

If you or someone you know is being abused, visit Seniors Safe House Intake.

Why a Safe House for Seniors?

Most shelters focus on women and children fleeing abuse from a partner, which can be a very different situation for those experiencing elder abuse. The majority of people assisted by the Sage Seniors Safe House in the last two years were abused by a family member who was not their spouse/partner.

Our clients also include single men and couples. A single senior woman* can, if space is available, find safety in a women’s shelter, however shelters will deny access to someone they feel has complex health needs – which is the case for many of the seniors in Sage’s Safe House.

The Sage Seniors Safe House provides the security and safety needed for seniors to embark on the road of recovery from abuse. Other shelters operate on a communal living model that can be very stressful for seniors. Our Safe House model employs the use of individual living units that allow for the privacy and independence needed to engage in their best lives free from abuse. Seniors are provided with the support necessary to navigate complex and confusing systems successfully, while maintaining their level of independence and dignity.

The vast majority of the seniors who access the Safe House do not return to their abuser.

*Men do not have the option of staying at a women’s shelter.

Would you like to donate to the Sage Seniors Safe House? Click here for more information.

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