Edmonton's Bus Routes are Changing April 25

Posted on March 12 2021

On April 25, 2021, Edmonton Transit is launching its new bus network and On Demand Transit service, which means all bus routes across the city are changing. For many seniors this may affect how they visit friends and family, go to medical appointments, grocery stores, and recreational activities. 

The bus stops are all within five to seven minute walking distance for the majority of customers. There are nine new community bus routes that go to nearby shopping and amenities with closer bus stops. Starting March 17, a trip planner will be available on edmonton.ca/newbusroutes so residents can plan their new trips in the new bus network and see how their transit travels will change. Members with smartphones can also use third-party tools like Transit app or Google Maps. By mid-April, there will also be printable route brochures available for print and download. 

On Demand Transit service will be available at sixteen large seniors’ residences that won’t have their current community bus route starting April 25, as well as 37 neighbourhoods around the city. On Demand Transit will provide accessible shuttle bus service that will take customers to and from a nearby transit hub where they can connect to the regular transit network. Customers simply need to book a ride up to 60 minutes in advance to access this service, seven days a week. Trip booking tools for On Demand Transit will be ready for viewing in mid-April.

More information is available at edmonton.ca/ondemandtransit.


- Information provided by Edmonton Transit.






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