Improving Adult Influenza Vaccination - Survey

Posted on August 16 2021

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) invites you to complete the following survey about barriers to adult influenza vaccination.

Despite misconceptions, vaccine preventable diseases like influenza can cause severe symptoms and sometimes death among healthy people. Seniors and individuals with chronic health conditions are at higher risk of experiencing complications due to influenza.

Despite the possible consequences of influenza, vaccination rates in Canada among seniors and at-risk populations remain alarmingly low. Completing this short survey will help the IFA to better understand the barriers to vaccination faced by Canadian seniors. 

The survey results, through the Bringing the Voices of Canadian Seniors Together in the Fight Against Influenza project, will lay the groundwork to raise awareness about adult vaccination and incorporate the largely absent voices of Canadian seniors into immunization policies across the country. The overall aim of the project is to respond to barriers to adult influenza vaccination across Canada to be able to effectively influence policy and save lives.

The completion of this survey does not require medical expertise. Join the IFA in helping to improve the uptake rates of adult influenza vaccination by completing the survey below! Responses are welcome by August 20, 2021. If you have any questions or for more information please contact Anais Diaz, Project Officer, at

To complete the survey in English, click here.
To complete the survey in French, click here.

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