Older Canadians - Burden or Benefit?

Posted on June 14 2013

On June 14th, Sage partnered with researchers from the University of Alberta and RAPP (Research on Aging, Policy, and Practice) to present Older Canadians – Burden or Benefit? The day-long workshop was dedicated to the valuable contributions that older adults make to our community—for example, by providing $3.8 billion in unpaid care every year. A number of presenters, including Peter Faid from Sage’s Advocacy Committee, Todd Babiak of Story Engine, and Doctors Janet Fast and Donna Wilson from the U of A, led discussions on the various ways that older adults contribute, as well as on the most effective ways to communicate about these contributions.  

The University researchers helped to create three fact sheets for the workshop, each highlighting the contributions of older Canadians in different sectors. They are valuable resources for dispelling the myths that portray seniors as a burden on the community. Electronic copies of the fact sheets are available here. The U of A has also published an article about the event on their website, which can be found here.

Sage would like to thank all of the participants, the University of Alberta, RAPP, and everyone else who was involved in the workshop. Older Canadians was a positive step towards reconstructing the way we think about older adults. 


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