Seniors’ Week Packages: A Ray of Hope and Positivity

Posted on June 15 2021

"Thank you Mandie for bringing a little happiness into the lives of some of our vulnerable, often overlooked seniors!” Amanda Harriman-Gojtan, Community Animator/Friendly Call Coordinator delivered packages coordinated by her Sage colleague to some of the seniors she has made connections with in the community. She shared responses with the with staff,

“Yesterday I picked up packages from Sage for the seniors …seniors that have a lot of difficulty getting out of their homes and struggle with finances. Getting a little something in recognition of Seniors’ Week was very touching for all of them and some tears of joy were shed!"

Part of Sage’s pandemic response included remobilizing Food Services Manager, Mandie, to coordinate pandemic packages. When the doors to the downtown location – and Sunshine Café - were closed, energy was refocused on coordinating outreach and support to those seniors most at risk of isolation. 

Approximately 6,500 packages have been distributed city wide since April 2020.

"It is incredibly touching to read about the seniors, but it also breaks my heart to witness the overwhelming amount of seniors living with food security issues." 

Mandie, Emergency Response Pandemic Package Coordinator, Food Services Manager

If your organization would like to contribute to the packages or the Response Package Fund, please contact Sage at 780.423.5510. 

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