Using Walkers on Edmonton Transit

Posted on March 31 2015

Edmonton Transit has provided the following information to help make using walkers on Edmonton Transit as safe and simple as possible:

Walkers are a popular mobility aid for many, and they can make longer outings possible, safer, and more stable for those travelling to appointments and for recreational, social and other trips using public transit.

There are a few tips to remember when using walkers on Edmonton Transit.

  • Please be careful when boarding and disembarking from buses and trains while using your walker.  Ensure you are using the ramp when entering or leaving a bus or LRT car, to provide yourself with more safe and stable access to the vehicle.  Please note that anyone can request the use of the ramp or kneeling feature on our buses.
  • Please use the "priority seating" area on the bus or train if you are using a walker while on Edmonton Transit. You are welcome to flip up seats on the buses to make more room for your walker, but be aware of the needs of other customers with mobility challenges.  If a person boards the bus who needs a seat, please be respectful of their needs and lower the seat.
  • If your walker has brakes, please apply them when you are settled in your seat.  Remember to hold on to your walker for your entire trip.  If the bus stops suddenly, the brakes on your walker will not be enough to keep it in place.
  • Please be considerate of other passengers, and keep your walker out of the aisle so that a clear walkway is maintained, and if you are able to, fold up your walker and hold on to it for the duration of your trip.
  • Never, ever use your walker as a seat when travelling on the buses or LRT.  This is extremely unsafe, and in the event of a sudden stop, there is a significant risk of injury if you are sitting on your walker.  Bus operators will not allow passengers to sit on their walkers while the bus is in motion.
  • If you need assistance - ask!  Your bus driver will be able to provide verbal instructions for boarding and disembarking, and ETS also offers the free Mobility Choices Travel Training Program to assist you in learning how to use mobility aids, such as walkers, when travelling on Edmonton Transit - give us a call a 780-496-3000, or check out the information at!!

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