Guardianship and Trusteeship Program

Sage’s Guardianship and Trusteeship program offers guidance to anyone applying for private Guardianship, Trusteeship and/or Co-Decision Making. We understand that the application process can be overwhelming for family members and caregivers. With over 35 years of experience, Sage can be trusted to provide the guidance and support that you need to  complete the application forms. The program is run as a fee-for-service social enterprise and is delivered at cost-recovery price, ensuring that Sage can continue to provide this essential service.

Guardianship may be required when an adult no longer has the capacity to make their own personal decisions. A Guardian is appointed by the Court and has the legal responsibility to make personal decisions for another person.

Trusteeship may be required when an adult no longer has the capacity to make their own
financial decisions any may be vulnerable. A Trustee is appointed by the court and has the legal authority to make financial decisions for them.

Co-Decision Making may be required when an adult lacks capacity to make their own personal decisions. A Co-Decision Maker is an option under the AGTA (Adult Guardian and Trustee Act) that is less intrusive than Guardianship. A Co-Decision Maker must make decisions with the adult rather than for the adult.

Each package includes:

· A checklist of documents and information that needs to be gathered
· A copy of a blank capacity assessment
· Up to one hour of one-on-one phone coaching per application
· Completed initial application paperwork
· Commission of documents
· One-time correction of errors if the order is not granted because of these errors


Guardianship and Trusteeship - Initial Application $495

Guardianship OR Trusteeship - Initial Application $345

Guardianship and Trusteeship - Review Application $250

Guardianship OR Trusteeship - Review Application $125

Co-Decision Maker - Initial Application $345

Sage is also offering Guardianship and Trusteeship program workshops (via Zoom) at a cost of $50, which includes a mailed out  package of necessary documents for the full application, and access to a two-hour group workshop on guardianship, trusteeship, the forms, court process, and the role and responsibilities of a guardian and/or trustee.

For information on registering for the workshop, or for general information about the program, please call 780-423-5510 ext. 404.


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