Guardianship and Trusteeship Program

As a result of changes in government funding, Sage has been offering the Guardianship and Trusteeship program using a cost-recovery model since May 2020. Our hope was that the transition to a fee-for-service social enterprise would allow Sage to continue assisting people through the complex process of applying for Guardianship and/or Trusteeship, without relying on the grant funding that had previously supported the program.

Due to ongoing challenges with operating costs and the increased number of organizations in community that are now providing this service, we have made the difficult decision to end the Guardianship and Trusteeship program as of April 15, 2022.

Effective immediately, Sage will no longer be accepting new applications. We will continue to provide services to those currently enrolled in the program until the program closes. We sincerely apologize for any disruption this decision may cause. 

Moving forward, we encourage you to contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) for referral information regarding assistance with Guardianship and/or Trusteeship applications.

To find an OPGT office near you, click here.

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