Aging results in a lot of changes to the body: as we get older bone density decreases, we don’t think as fast as we used to, and our immune system can become compromised. Thankfully, there is often something that can be done about it! Through Sage’s DRAGONFLY (Building Resilience and Responding to Seniors Frailty) project, we identify older adults with moderate frailty and reduced function, and support them as they work towards improving their wellness and health.

What is Frailty?

Frailty is generally understood as a medical or social condition of reduced function. It affects older individuals more than younger people. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean someone is frail, but it does increase the odds of developing frailty. Things like inactivity, poor nutrition, social isolation or loneliness, and multiple medications contribute to frailty. When you are frail, your body and / or mind does not have the ability to cope with minor illnesses that would normally have minimal impact if you were healthy.

Are you, or someone you love, experiencing reduced function as result of moderate frailty? Contact us! The project is open to seniors who wish to refer themselves, and to those with or without current health supports. Once you reach out a Sage staff member will meet with you either on the phone and / or in person (when permitted), screen for frailty, and refer you to needed resources (like finding a family doctor, accessing home care, connecting to counselling, applying for pensions and / or housing, and getting assistance with housekeeping or groceries). We’ll also work with you over a twelve-month period and follow up on your progress. 

Want to learn more? E-mail dragonfly@mysage.ca, or call 780-809-9402.

Are you a healthcare professional that wants to learn more about referring a client to the DRAGONFLY program? Click here for additional resources.


Journal of Primary Care & Community Health: Customizing a Program for Older Adults Living with Frailty in Primary Care

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