A Sage Story by Sage Awards Honourary Chair

I had walked by the concrete building on the northwest corner of Winston Churchill Square hundreds of times. The Sunshine Café was familiar, though I couldn’t say what it was. I had been in seniors’ centres, so I had assumed this was just another one. The same sort of thing, only downtown. Then the Sage Centre invited me inside: into the building and into the work its staff, its board, its volunteers and its members are doing. It was not at all what I had expected. At a time when other cities are trying to figure out what retirement means for baby boomers, the Sage community is focused on something more crucial: what does every Edmontonian need, as a unique individual, to live a full and meaningful life? The fullest and most meaningful life possible? Let’s answer that question, with empathy and imagination. The Sage Awards is a perfect evocation of this spirit. Age does matter, but not in any of the ways I had imagined before I finally walked into that concrete building on the northwest corner of Winston Churchill Square. At a crucial time in Edmonton’s history, seniors are our creative class. - Todd Babiak, Director of Story Engine, 2013 Sage Awards Honourary Chair

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