Inspiring and supporting seniors to be the best they can be.


A community where all seniors are valued and have the opportunity to live according to their beliefs, abilities and aspirations.


The objects for which Sage Seniors Association (Sage) is established are to enhance the quality of life of older persons and their families through the work of staff and volunteers, and in collaboration with stakeholders, by providing:

  1. Services that promote socialization, intellectual stimulation, skill and information acquisition;
  2. Services that enhance the safety and well-being of older persons who are, or who may become, isolated, disadvantaged or at-risk in the community;
  3. Information and services that assist older persons to participate as active members of the community and to reside safely in accommodation that meets their needs; and
  4. Research and advocacy on issues affecting older persons.


Leadership: Sage will provide leadership to expand capacity to serve seniors. 

Partnership and Collaboration: Sage will actively pursue collaboration and partnership opportunities which benefit seniors. 

Accessible: Sage strives to provide programs and services which are accessible to seniors regardless of physical, financial, educational, geographic, language or other barriers. 

Holistic: Sage will provide programs, services and referrals that address people’s physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental needs. 

Preventive: Sage will address prevention in all of its programs and services. 

Innovative: Sage will address emerging needs with innovative programs and services taking into account current research and promising practices. 

Accountable: Sage is answerable for its services and use of funds to its members, clients, donors and funders and will provide clear, comprehensive and timely reports. 

Measurable: Sage will measure the effectiveness and efficiency of all of its programs and services to ensure continuous improvement and achievement of intended outcomes and impact.  

Sustainable: Sage will focus its resources on the development of sustainable programs and services. 

Human Resource Excellence: Sage will be an exemplary employer for staff and volunteers.

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