Thinking about Ageism

Sage works to enhance the quality of life of seniors and their families by providing a wide range of programs and services that not only meet the health and well-being needs of seniors, but inspire and support seniors to live their best lives possible.

Our vision is a community where all seniors are valued and have the opportunity to live according to their beliefs, abilities, and aspirations.

Our hope is that through their placement at Sage, students learn about issues facing seniors, including the barriers to participation they can face. As a part of their learning, we ask that students spend some time thinking about ageism and how it can impact individuals and communities alike.

If you are a student completing a placement with Sage, please take these pre-and post-placement surveys about ageism and its negative impact: 

Student Survey: Pre-placement

Student Survey: Post-placement

We thank Age Friendly Edmonton for allowing us to excerpt questions and material from their online Respect and Inclusion Workshop. To access the full workshop, please click here.


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