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  • A great place to Volunteer. There are many worthwhile "jobs" which are good for the community and also very good for the volunteer. We all need to do something worthwhile. " Payback time" for all of us who have received so much as Canadians.
  • Volunteering at Sage was the best thing I did for myself after my husband passed away in 1996. I found new friends and have fun at Sage. After all these years, I belong!
  • I've always said that I need Sage more than Sage needs me. I hope to be able to volunteer at Sage as long as I can.
  • I volunteer at Sage two days a week and I have for over ten years. I do a variety of tasks, but the one that means the most to me is helping the seniors who walk in. I have heard so many different stories about people needing help with filling in forms, finding a suitable home, taking control of their lives again, and the list goes on. I feel very lucky. I know there are staff at Sage who will help these people and make sure they get what they need. I especially love when a senior walks back in to say thank you to the volunteers and staff. It makes me feel useful and that I have made a tiny difference. It also makes me realize I'm not alone with my own trials and tribulations.
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