Sage Link Newsletter

The Link Newsletter connects Sage Members and clients to opportunities in and around Edmonton. The Link provides current, detailed information about the programs, services and events offered at Sage.

Our innovative social services and our life enrichment programs are bound by a common mission: inspiring and supporting seniors to be the best they can be. The Link Newsletter is the connection to these programs and services!

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The Link will now be issued quarterly:

  • September - November
  • December - February
  • March - May
  • June - August

The Sage Link is mailed directly to the homes of Sage Members (approximately 1200) and several hundred copies are kept at Sage for non-members.

If you are a member, and would like to receive the Link via email (in full colour) instead of a paper copy, send your request to We are unable to email copies of the Link to non-members.

The Sage Link is a great opportunity to connect with a committed and loyal group of readers. Affordable advertising opportunities are available. Rates and deadlines can be found here.

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