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"This Full House has helped me to de-clutter my dwelling, by providing me with motivation and assistance to get rid of surplus things."

Some people save things to the point that they become overwhelmed. They collect so much stuff that they don't know where to start with cleaning out and clearing out. Sage's This Full House program provides support to individuals aged 55 and over who struggle with compulsive hoarding behaviour.

Houses full of saved items may result in falls and injury, loss of friends, isolation and emotional distress. Sometimes there is a risk of mould, infestation, fire or eviction. This Full House addresses the impact on the person who is dealing with too much clutter. Everyone is different and This Full House provides support based on each person’s unique needs.

Process of participation in This Full House:

1. Referral to the program: Seniors can call the program for themselves, or may be referred by family, friends, neighbours, or professionals. Fill out our Referral Form or call 587-773-1764.

2. On-site home visit: This Full House staff will come to your home to assess the situation, and identify safety issues. They will also provide other information and resources that may be helpful.

3. Develop an Action Plan: The senior works with the social worker and Helping Hands Personal Assistants to set goals, timelines, a starting place, and other support that could help with the clutter (such as finances, help with the landlord if you are being evicted, find alternative housing if you have been evicted, etc.). Part of the action plan includes a vision of how you want to work and live in your home. You may want to reduce the amount of clutter you have or re-organize things for better access, mobility and safety. The goal is not to remove all of your things, but make your home a safer and more useful living space.

4. Check-in: Staff will check in on your progress and provide ongoing support

5. This Full House Lunch Group: You will be encouraged to participate in this monthly lunch group to meet with other seniors who are in the program. This is a great opportunity to learn tips and strategies to keep your home organized and provide support to others in similar situations. Call 587-773-1764 if you would like more information or are interested in joining this monthly lunch group.

For more information or to refer someone to This Full House, please call 587-773-1764.

You may also be interested in our Resources page for articles and other resources.

Sage is proud to be a member of the Hoarding Coalition.

The 2021 Hoarding Interventions Conference

The Hoarding Interventions Conference, hosted by the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition, will shift to a one-day online conference in 2021.

The event will focus on understanding hoarding and how we, as a community, can help improve the supports in place. We will discuss the behaviours, root causes, the mental health around the behaviours and how a robust community approach can support those struggling. We will gain a better fundamental understanding of hoarding behaviours and learning more effective and sustainable interventions.

The conference will be a valuable resource for professionals working in areas where they encounter hoarding behaviours, for people with lived experience of hoarding, and family and friends looking to better understand and support individuals dealing with hoarding behaviour.

Registrants will complete the conference with a tool kit of information and strategies to address hoarding situations. We will combine recorded bonus content from guest speakers and two top researchers presenting content live and leading the workshop. The information provided is based upon the most up-to-date research in the hoarding field. The program includes a workshop and Q&A component to reinforce the learning. Leading the conference is world-renowned facilitators Dr. Christiana Bratiotis and Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP. 

October 15, 2021

Friday, October 15
9 AM - 4:30 PM


9:00 AM - Understanding Hoarding; An introduction to Hoarding Disorder, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis

10:00 AM - Intervention Strategies, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis

10:30 AM - Morning Break

10:40 AM - A Person with Lived Experience

10:50 AM - Intervention Strategies, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis

12:30 PM - Family and Friends, Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP

1:50 PM - A Person with Lived Experience

2:00 PM - Afternoon Break

2:10 PM - Family and Friends- Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP

3:00 PM - Case Study Work Shop, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis and Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP

3:30 PM - Instilling Hope, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis and Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP

4:15 PM - Closing Remarks  |  Q & A Session, Dr. Christiana Bratiotis and Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D. ABPP 

For more information on the Hoarding Interventions Conference, and to register, please click here. 

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