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"It can be a gut-wrenching experience to make the decision to change your life, to stand up for yourself and step outside of your comfort zone and take the life-altering advance- stepping into a new and unfamiliar environment...but now we look forward into a brighter future..." - Safe House Client

The Sage Seniors Safe House provides shelter, support and assistance for older men & women needing safety from abuse. 

Abuse is not just physical.

Abuse is about power and control in a relationship of trust, where one has power and the other is being abused by that power. For example, abuse may be financial, emotional, physical, neglect, sexual, or an abuse of medication. 

Sage's Seniors Safe House provides temporary housing for men and women. At Safe House, you will find safety, shelter and support for 60 days. The 7 suites are fully furnished and your stay includes all meals and toiletries. Social workers are on site to help you with all areas of your life that have been affected by abuse, such as financial, housing, emotional support and counselling.

Supports and services available at the Safe House:

  • Nurse: for health care and foot care
  • Mental health nurse
  • Social workers: provide support and assistance in all of the areas of your life that have been affected by abuse. Lead a support group every week (Seniors Overcoming Abusive Relationships, SOAR), and lead coffee group weekly 
  • Housekeeper: for light cleaning
  • Other services as required, such as Homecare
  • Partnership with Alberta SPCA to ensure pets have a safe place to stay while their owner is in shelter

Please note that the Safe House is independent living. If you cannot live independently, homecare can be set up or a safe family member or friend may come in to help you with activities of daily living.

If you or a senior you know is being abused, please call Safe House Intake at 780-702-1520.

For non-urgent calls or further information, please call 780-426-3746.

For more information on Sage's Seniors' Safe House: Creating Safe Housing for Abused Seniors - The Edmonton Model and Edmonton Seniors' Safe Housing - Follow Up Report.

The Safe House requires donations to continue helping seniors. Click here for more information.

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