Intake Process

 In an emergency, call 911. For 24-hour support, call the Seniors Abuse Helpline at 780-454-8888.

For Safe House Intake Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:30pm, call 780-702-1520.

If you or a senior you know is being abused, consider calling Safe House to discuss the situation.

Intake Process

1. Call Sage's Safe House intake line Monday through Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm at 780-702-1520.

2. Safe House staff will determine if the situation is a good match for Safe House, or provide you with other information or referrals to help you.

3. If your situation is a match, Safe House staff will book a meeting with the person in need. If the senior is not yet ready to leave the abusive situation, the social worker will help prepare a Safety Plan.

4. If there is space at Safe House and you are ready, you may move in immediately. If there is no space at Safe House when you are ready, staff will arrange for safe housing at other locations until there is a room available.

5. When moving in, Safe House staff asks that you bring only personal belongings with you (clothing, important documents, identification, mobility or bath equipment, medication). No furniture is necessary as Safe House is fully furnished.

6. You may stay at Safe House for 60 days, during which you will receive support and assistance in all of the areas of your life that have been affected by abuse.

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