Northern Alberta Regional Centre for Healthy Aging (NARCHA)

NARCHA, short for the Northern Alberta Regional Centre for Healthy Aging, is a project led by Sage, the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing, and Athabasca University.

As one of four regional centers in Canada, NARCHA strives to streamline assessment practices, mobilize and build on the strengths of seniors, and implement interventions to promote living well as they age.

Get connected and stay independent!

As we get older our needs and quality of life can change.  It can be difficult to know where to start or what to do to address these changes. Accessing the appropriate information and resources can help us maintain a higher level of wellbeing as we age.

Through the Canadian Frailty Network's Healthy Aging Portal – an online platform with information, tools, and resources – older adults can complete healthy aging assessments at their own pace, or with assistance if requested.

These tools help older adults identify areas to strengthen their independence and receive resources and interventions tailored to their specific needs. 

How does it work? 

  • Complete a healthy aging assessment 

  • Read your personalized report 

  • Create healthy aging goals 

  • Access the resources 

  • Monitor your progress

How to navigate the Healthy Aging Portal to participate in the healthy aging assessment: 

1. Visit 

2. Click Register > Northern Alberta Region > Member 

3. Create an account and verify your email address (you will receive an email with a link to do so as soon as you register!)

4. Login to your account once verified by visiting and clicking Login > Northern Alberta Region Login 

5. Type your login information in the top left-hand corner

6. Once you login, there should be instructions on how to complete the healthy aging assessment

7. Begin the healthy aging assessment. Please note, you can save your progress and return to the assessment at any time

8. Once you complete the assessment, you will see a report with personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs

Please note, we are in the testing phase of this project, which means the Healthy Aging Portal is a work-in-progress! Your feedback is essential – and welcomed!  

Interested in more information?

To learn more about NARCHA or the Healthy Aging Portal, please email or phone 780.809.9410

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