Sage Directory FAQ's

Where can I get a Directory?
Currently all of the most recent 2020/2021 Directories have been distributed. You can still access a digital version online here.

When will the new edition of the Directory be available?
The 2023/2024 Directory of Senior Services is scheduled for release in September of 2023.

When is the deadline to update or submit a listing?
The deadline will be announced when we are ready to begin listing collection. Expect an announcement before the end of May 2023 (TBD)

What does it cost to get a listing?
Senior-serving not-for-profits are offered a free listing, senior-serving for-profit organizations get a listing with the purchase of an ad in the Directory.

Are services in the Directory vetted by Sage?
Services are not vetted by Sage. For-profit organizations purchase an ad to receive a listing, senior-serving not-for-profits are given a free listing. Inclusion of an ad does not imply an endorsement by Sage.

Will the 2023/24 Directory be printed or online?
The 2023/2024 Directory will be published in print and available digitally online. Sage recognizes the unique value of a printed publication.

Can Sage mail me a Directory?
At this time there are no printed Directories available. When the 2023/2024 Directory is released in September they will be distributed to many locations across the city for community members to access. Whether or not Sage is able to direct-mail Directories to individuals by request will be determined closer to the time of release.

How can I place an ad in the Directory?
Details for purchasing and ad in the Directory and submitting a listing will be announced before the end of May 2023.

How much does it cost to get a Directory?
The Directory of Senior Services is free.

How can I support the Directory?
Donations to support the production and distribution (and improvements) are welcome. More details to come.

Are there other listings of seniors services besides the Directory?
Alberta Seniors Community and Housing Association (ASCHA) has an online housing directory, 211 has many resources available by phone or searchable online, including seniors/older adults category.

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