The purpose of Sage's Directory of Senior Services is to provide seniors, caregivers and senior-serving professionals with a comprehensive guide to relevant services and resources in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Listing Eligibility

Listings are only included for services or information directly relevant to seniors.

  • FOR-PROFIT senior-serving organizations receive a complimentary text listing when they purchase an ad.
  • NON-PROFIT senior-serving organizations are not required to purchase an ad to be included in the listings. 

Advertising is a critical part of our funding model and how the Directory is provided for free to the community.

Listing Categories

Sage determines categories based on the needs of the senior population. These may change year to year to reflect evolving needs and/or improve clarity for the reader. In addition to essential numbers and helpful tools and checklists, the Directory is divided into Seniors Services and Seniors Housing with categories in each of these sections.

SERVICES SECTION Categories include:
Addiction Services
Caregiver Support
Citizenship and Immigrant Services
Community Connections
Consumer Information
Death & Funeral Arrangements 
Donating Household Items
Estate Planning
Fall Prevention
Financial Assistance: Income support and pension programs, Income Tax, Credit and debt management
Food Security (food banks)
Frauds & Scams
Health Services & Supports: AHS information and listings, Health Benefit Plans, Health Service Organizations, Counselling, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Dental Services, Medical Equipment & Mobility Aids, Podiatry and footcare, Optometry
Help at Home: Care Services, Home Services, Meal/Grocery Services
Home Relocation & Moving Resources
Learning & Literacy
Legal Resources & Services
LGBTQIA2S+ Resources
Personal Safety
Recreation Resources
Seniors Centres, Groups and Clubs
Seniors Information and Advocacy Organizations
Outreach Support Services


Housing Terminology & Definitions
Housing Resources & Information Services
Seniors Housing Listings (for Edmonton and surrounding areas within 50 km)
  Seniors Housing: Accommodation Only
  Seniors Housing: with Service Options Available
  Seniors Housing: with Supports Included


The priority of the listings is to concisely give readers enough information to narrow their search. Listing information submitted will be edited as required for length and clarity.

I have listed in the Directory before, why do I have to fill out a Listing Submission Form this year? Can't you just use my old listing?

Sage conducted an evaluation of the Directory which determined that Listing Information needs to be more consistent and streamlined to increase overall usability and sustainability. As a result, Service Listings will be reduced to a short description (under 500 characters and limited lines as determined) and basic contact information (as per the submission form). 

Ideally a Directory listing has enough information that the reader can reach out for more information. An organization that wants to feature more information can do so in a purchased ad.   

Sage recognizes that organizations may have included more information in their listing in the past. We appreciate your cooperation in moving towards a more sustainable approach to the listing collection process and the information provided.


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