Volunteer Opportunities at Sage

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Sage building is currently closed. The in-person volunteer roles have been suspended until the re-opening of Sage.

CURRENT Virtual or Off Site Volunteer Opportunities:

1. COMMUNITY NAVIGATOR for Virtual Health and Wellness Forum: 

Time Commitment:  July 12 - August 31: Approx.. 20-30 hours

Purpose of position: In preparation for the 2nd annual Virtual Health, Wellness, Seniors’ Forum, Sage is wanting to collect contact information and engage with seniors outside of our community, reaching out to senior serving businesses and organizations in cities and rural towns outside of Edmonton.

Location of position: Virtual/ at home

Qualifications and skills for position - Access to a computer and internet; Skill in using Google search engine and Google spreadsheets (similar to Microsoft excel)

Position duties and responsibilities:

  • Volunteers will research and identify contact information (email and mailing address) for MLA offices, senior serving businesses, and senior serving organizations in cities and rural communities outside of Edmonton.
  • Volunteers will then populate Google Spreadsheets with their findings.
  • Tools such as Kerby Center’s Senior Directory and Government of Alberta website will be used to help assist volunteers in identifying this contact information.


Time Commitment: Varies. Preferably a commitment to at least one weekly or regularly occurring Zoom Life Enrichment Program for 3-6months.

Location of Position: Volunteer's home (or Sage if the volunteer prefers)

Qualifications and skills required:

  • access to a computer and internet
  • have knowledge of Zoom and are comfortable operating Zoom
  • strong communication skills or participant
  • ability to problem solve if there are technical difficulties or the need to help a leader
  • reliable and punctual

Technical Support Volunteer duties and Responsibilities:

  • There will be one technical support volunteer/staff in each Life Enrichment Zoom session.
  • This person would:- work with the program leader/instructor to set up the program (for example spotlight the instructor, help them to share computer sound, feedback on camera angles)- they would be available to help provide any basic troubleshooting support for individuals in the session. They would be the first to identify issues and would then assess what they can do to help.
  • - admit participants, mute participants if necessary, remove participants if necessary
  • - open/close the zoom meeting
  • This volunteer will also keep track of attendance at the session and send the attendance to the Life Enrichment manager


If you are interested or would like to learn more about these valuable volunteer roles, please contact Barb Carroll, Volunteer Coordinator at bcarroll@mysage.ca or call 780-701-9014 and leave a message.



When Sage re-opens, we will be recruiting for the below in-person volunteer opportunities:

  • Receptionist
  • Bridge Group Lead Coordinate and organize bridge ,materials and players.
  • Karaoke Assistant
  • Sage Ambassador: Do you enjoy chatting and engaging with people? This role greets seniors at Sage so they feel welcome and included. Share  information and connect seniors to Sage programs and services. Contribute to our vision, reflect the diversity of seniors and reduce seniors' social isolation.
  •  Cards and Games Leaders:  Do you have a passion for a board or card game? Why not start a group at Sage!


Process to become a volunteer at Sage:

  1. Click "HERE" to fill out our Volunteer Application Form and forward to bcarroll@mysage.ca  or contact Volunteer Coordinator at 780-701-9014 or come into Sage to complete the application form.
  2. If a position is available that suits your skills and talents, we will contact you. 
  3. Reference check and work histories are verified. 
  4. Select volunteer positions require a Police Information Check (free for volunteers and processed by Sage). 
  5. Volunteer orientation: provides an overview of the services and activities offered by Sage. 
  6. Work shifts will be set up by your volunteer supervisor. Most positions use the buddy system - pairing an experienced volunteer with a newer volunteer.







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