Sage's Director of Health Services, Anne Summach featured in ALIS Occupational Video

Posted on July 31 2019

For more information on having a career as a Nurse Practitioner in Alberta, and to view the ALIS website, click here. 

Food and Finance Workshop

Posted on July 24 2019

Join us for a Food and Finance workshop to learn some valuable information and easy to implement steps.  In the Food and Finance workshop, presented by the Credit Counselling Society, you will learn about: The factors that impact your food budget Tracking your food budget & creating a meal plan to save money Tips on saving money on groceries & through sales, coupons & bulk buying How expensive…

75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses Workshop

Posted on July 17 2019

Have you noticed how the cost of living continues to rise every year and yet perhaps your wages aren’t keeping up? Groceries are more expensive, the cost of utilities is creeping higher and higher, and so is the cost of transportation. Intuitively we know that there’s got to be a better way to save, but how? In the 75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses workshop/webinar, presented by the Credit…

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