Income Tax Clinic

Posted on February 15 2024

Call 780-809-9424 to leave a message to book an appointment for the Income Tax Clinic.

Volunteers will return your call and help book your appointment. Please allow 5 days for a call back.

Appointments can be by phone or in person.

Income Tax Clinic Eligibility:

Annual income:

  • No more than $35,000 for a single person,
  • No more than $45,000 for a couple
  • Simple return: can only have T3, T4 and T5 slips (NO self-employment income).
  • Cannot have income from rental properties, farming or capital gains (capital gains income listed on a T3 or T5 slip is OK).
  • Age 55 and older. Can be younger if on AISH.
  • Couples must file taxes together, and must both be available for the appointment to give verbal consent to their taxes being filed.



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