The Sage Circle is a 45-minute online meetup where we connect with and inform community members about Sage’s unique model working with and for seniors. You will hear from Sage champions and participants, and others involved in the organization. The meetup is online through Zoom, so no travel or parking is required. 

Why attend a Sage Circle? 

A strong network of support made up of different stakeholders - including funders, volunteers, members, donors, advocates, allies, and community groups - can help sustain the social supports needed for healthy aging in our community.  

Sage Circles are spaces for stakeholders to build a better understanding of our approach, current challenges and opportunities, and encourage new relationships that strengthen a network of support with and for seniors. 

What can I expect at a Sage Circle?  

After a round of quick introductions, Sage champions will share highlights of Sage’s integrated service model with a program spotlight. Discussion and questions are welcome, and we will follow up with each guest after the event.  

Each Sage Circle will start and end on time. If you sign in early, there will be a virtual waiting room until the Circle is opened. Our hope is that you leave knowing more about Sage, understand gaps and opportunities, and generally feel that you learned something valuable. 

Upcoming Sage Circles: 

Details of the next Sage Circle to come soon!

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